When hemp milk first came to my local organic market, I went crazy for the chocolate version. I would sit at my computer and drink it right out of the shelf life carton while doing my work (such the bachelorette!)

It was kinda pricey, but then again hemp seeds aren’t cheap either. But, still I wanted to try to make it at home because the store bought is pasteurized  and it is not a raw food with that process and much of the hemp seed nutrition and benefits are lost.

Making nut and seed milks is one of the easiest raw foods to make, it just involves a blender and a mesh nut milk bag that you can find either online or at your organic market.

The ratio is pretty simple, usually 4 cups of water to 1 cup of soaked nuts or seeds, although I did not soak the hemp seeds over night I let them sit in the water in the blender “jar” for a few minutes to soften.


Appliances needed: good blender like a Vitamix or a Blendtec


1 cup of hemp seeds (mine had the shells on)

4 cups of purified water

1/4 cup of RAW cocoa powder (yes this needs to be raw so you have the full benefits of true chocolate)

1 dropper of liquid stevia (I used liquid chocolate stevia)

1 small squirt of raw agave (for the sweeteners you can use whatever you like sans processed sugar. Soaked dates or real maple syrup is okay too)

1 pinch of good salt

Put all in blender, I set my Vitamix on the smoothie setting and let that cycle through but with a good blender about a minute or so, with a not so powerful blender let it run a but longer.

Pour and squeeze it through a mesh nut milk bag…

This looks so good!

This looks so good!

You can then put in the fridge to get cold or be like me and sip it from the container. This milk is much richer than the store bought and one glass satisfied me just fine. It is also a bit high in fat so I recommend watching the rest of your fats for the day if you have a glass of this. But, one glass does leave you quite full and will keep you full for a while like a meal.

Almost like a delicious meal in a glass

Almost like a delicious meal in a glass

Note: it just have a very slight grittiness to it, most likely from some of the raw cocoa powder that was so small it slipped through the tiny mesh holes of the bag. I don’t mind it, it does not bother me, but it might put off some if they are not aware of this.

Okay, off to my day ❤


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