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Yeah it can look kinda scary

Yeah it can look kinda scary

Durian is a very popular fruit in the raw community, especially those who keep a staple diet of mostly fruit. I happen to love it, it tastes like creamy pudding and the smell doesn’t bother me so much. Yes, they have a smell, they have a sort of sulfur rotting egg kind of aroma, which is off putting to a lot of people. Yet, I find the yummy creamy sweet pods of pudding on the inside worth the smell.

They are not easy to find, but good places to look are Asian markets. Where I live H-Mart is a good place to look and they have chains everywhere.

Durians at the H-Mart

Durians at the H-Mart

The Durians available in this country are frozen, so when you buy them you have to wait a day or two to let them defrost usually.

When you are ready to eat them you sort of have to figure out where the columns of pudding pods are, and the more you eat them the more you will know how to navigate your way around them. There are usually 3-4 columns of pudding pods in the durian.

Creamy pudding pods

Creamy pudding pods

You then sort of pull the pods with your fingers and eat them directly. There is a big seed inside, so best to eat around it.

Durian is a perfect fruit if you are doing an all raw all fruit day or are doing an all fruit diet because it is very dense and stays with you for a while and you shouldn’t get hungry for a good bit of time.

It is also a good food to eat right before a workout, a run or a long bike ride for the same reason.

I would recommend everyone give durian a try, even if you are going to split it with a friend.

You might want to slice them up outside though…


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